About Us

davis-profilepicQuin Davis has been a professional, practical special FX artist since 2003, a special FX technician since 2005, and in property since 2006. He has worked for numerous independent and large film companies, including Sony, Columbia, and Universal. These experiences have allowed Davis to gain a wide range of knowledge about the craft behind filmmaking. With a heavy respect for each department and a drive to develop his own script ideas, Davis founded Q. Davis Films in 2012. Its first feature film, Animus, was released in 2013 to both national and international audiences.

At Q. Davis Films, creativity is key. We provide a full spectrum of production services for feature films and regularly develop new techniques and strategies to solve what could otherwise be expensive problems.

Since its inception, Q. Davis Films has quickly become one of the premier production companies in Arizona. And, with a slate of 3 films to be produced in the next 5 years, it has no intentions of slowing down.

We believe that practical effects and makeup are unique art forms, especially in the horror and sci-fi genres. Our goal is to collaborate with the most talented and skilled artisans and crew in order to create an extremely professional atmosphere in which creativity can thrive.

These qualities have garnished the company with a reputation of excellence, ethics and professionalism.