SPFX Services

Davis FX is a practical special effects company based in Tucson, AZ. It is a fullyfunctional shop that specializes in all aspects of SPFX makeup including sculpture, character prosthetics, fantasy, creature suits, animatronics, makeup, gore effects, dental appliances, and puppetry. Founder Quin Davis is a master sculptor and designer with an extensive knowledge of materials and a strong background in fabrication. His creative approach allows him to turn any concept into film reality. Davis is the premier artisan and supervisor on each project from concept to design to fabrication to set.

Davis FX opened its doors in 2003. One of its first projects was Dustin Rickert’s A.I.A., for which the Davis FX was challenged to design and fabricate a life-sized, glassencased alien. Not a static design, the specimen had to be slightly articulated with movement via cables and pulleys. This intricate build stoked a fire in Davis that had been burning since he saw his first monster movies and wondered, “How’d they do that?” Davis has since continued to hone his chops, working his magic behind the scenes on blockbusters like ‘The Kingdom’ (Universal), ‘Hancock’ (Sony) and numerous independent films ‘Frankenstein Syndrome,’ ‘Dark West,’ and ‘Animus’ among them. Each new project expands his understanding of the craft and pushes him to create evermore resourceful and proprietary techniques along the way.

With this passion for filmmaking, Davis FX is quickly earning a reputation as Arizona’s premier special effects company. With 10 years of success behind it, the company looks forward to years of collaboration with like-minded visionaries who are equally interested in pushing the visual envelope in film.

No effect is unattainable.